Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are administered on behalf of Gymholics management.


  • All new memberships must first be approved by management. The administration maintains the right, in its sole discretion, to reject an application for membership to the Gym for any reason.
  • Membership/monthly fee shall be payable in advance. Any person who is not supposed to do so, shall not be allowed to use gym services after 4th day of the due date.
  • Without assigning a reason, the administration maintains the right to cancel or terminate any membership.
  • Membership will be revoked if there has been an uninformed absence for three months.


  • The gym administration assumes no responsibility for any accidents that occur on or near the gym premises.
  • Any loss of personal items will not be covered by the management.


  • The gym does not allow children under the age of eight to enter.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted to be brought inside the gym by members. They are only permitted to consume water.
  • STEROIDS are strictly prohibited. On the club grounds, you are not permitted to use, sell, or exchange steroids.


  • It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that he is physically and medically fit to participate in the workout. In case of a problem, the individual must obtain approval from his doctor before becoming a member.
  • Sports clothing, including joggers and a towel, is required.
  • After utilizing plates and dumbbells, all members are expected to return them to their designated racks.


  • Before your month begins, you must submit a leave application. During your departure, you will be charged 20% of your monthly fees.
  • Under no circumstances are any payments or fees refundable or transferable.

No Steroids:

  • I understand that the Club bans the use if steroids and I not to use, sell or exchange steroids on the Club’s premises.
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