Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you offer gym memberships at a low price as compared to the other gyms?
    We have made our gym the most simplest as we can, so that our clients can make the most out of it within reasonable rates. We opted to invest in latest technological machines and equipment for you. This low-cost initiatives help us to design great memberships for our clients.
  • How can I join GYMHOLICS?
    There are three easy methods to join us. One is via our official website, via whatsapp and by your physical presence. You are welcome to visit us and enroll yourself in one of the best emerging gym.
  • This is a fantastic offer you’re half the price and twice the size as compared to the other gyms, what is the catch?
    There is no catch; instead, we seek to provide you with low costs and flexible contract options while also offering you with access to the largest, best-equipped, and most enjoyable gyms.
  • Do I need to pay for 12 months upfront?
    No, there is no hard and fast rule to pay advance of 12 months. Our client’s satisfaction and easiness is our upmost priority. You can pay on monthly basis.
  • Can I try before I buy or get a day pass?
    Yes, we do have a day pass facility to entertain our clients. The pass have some specific charges which need to be paid.
  • What are GYMHOLICS opening hours?
    North Nazimabad block F branch:
    • 07:00 AM to 11:00 AM Males and Female.
    • 12:00 PM to 05:00 PM only Ladies.
    • 06:00 PM to 01:00 AM Males and Female.
    Ayesha Manzil branch:
    • 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM Ladies only.
  • What is the minimum age to join GYMHOLICS?
    Minimum age to join our or any other gym should be 18 years. However, we also have under 18 gym sessions, specifically designed as per capacity and strength level of those children. Do reach out to us via our reception to know for more details.
  • Can I pay by cash or card?
    You can make your payment via debit or credit card. We also accept cash payments. You can pay as per your preference.
  • Why branch of the GYMHOLICS is the best?
    North Nazimabad block F branch is for both male and females, however, Ayesha Manzil branch is only for ladies. Both are the best so only ladies can choose one of these 2 branches as per their easiness.
  • When I join will I be issued with a GYMHOLICS membership card?
    Yes, as soon as you join, you may pick up your membership card from reception. At all of our locations, we maintain the greatest level of security, which includes biometrics and a photo that is linked to our membership database. Through our card and biometric entry gates system, you can secure your admission to the gym at any time.
  • What is the joining fee?
    Once you join us, you have to clear joining fees. The amount of fees varies upon ongoing promotions or deals at your joining time. Your joining fees is used to cover the initial administration costs associated with setting up a new membership and recurring payment agreement.
  • Are there changing facilities and showers in the gym?
    Yes, we provide showers, lockers, toilets and changing facilities in each branch of GYMHOLICS.
  • Will I be shown how to use the equipment/given an induction?
    Yes, we assist and guide every new member about the rules and regulations, usage and operation of different machines, and any other question a person may have.
  • Do you provide parking at GYMHOLICS?
    Yes, we provide generous parking space allotted for our gym members only.
  • Is there still any Covid-19 restriction going on?
    As per ongoing pandemic, we took every safety measure so that health of our clients may not be in danger. Together, we can make this place a healthy environment.
  • Do you have free weights?
    Yes. All of our branches have an excellent range of free weights.
  • Is the weights area just for men?
    We believe that fitness is for everyone irrespective of any gender discrimination. We have co as well as separate place to exercise for both males and females, in our North Nazimabad branch.
  • What gym equipment do you have?
    We have the latest technological machines and equipment for our clients. These include high spec cardio, strength equipment and free weights.
  • Do you have ladies only facilities?
    Yes, our branch located at Ayesha Manzil is for the females only. It have an extensive range of cardio, strength and free weight equipment. There, we have only female instructors and trainers.
  • Do you have classes?
    Yes, we do have ongoing scheduled classes, led by our internationally certified trainers. You can enroll in any of them by confirming the type of session being discussed in class and time of class.
  • Are there personal trainers at GYMHOLICS?
    Yes, we do have personal trainers, which include males as well as females. All are internationally certified.
  • Do you allow freelance trainers?
    Yes, we do allow freelance training along with personal training. Our criteria of trainer selection is very tough as we want to provide our clients with the best of training. We only hire trainers who have prior experience as a sports trainer, have the necessary certifications and insurance, and have completed our thorough selection process.
  • Can my membership be cancelled?
    Yes, if a person remains absent for 3 months without informing, then his/her membership will be cancelled.
  • Can I freeze my membership?
    Yes, we have an option of freezing a membership. But you have to let us know for that.
  • Is membership fee refundable?
    Every kind of charges are non-refundable and non-adjustable.